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Looking After Your Woolly Goodies

Here are some of my favourite tips and tricks to help you look after your woolly products with the love and care they deserve. Waldorf education believes that using natural materials very important, as a way to connect children even further to this Earth. Steiner also thought the natural materials to have a more calming and soothing effect on children ❤


Wool hat is getting too small

Wool is incredibly stretchy so you can give it gentle blocking to stretch it out to make it last longer. Simply soak the hat in lukewarm water (not hot!) for about half an hour. Gently squeeze out, stretch in all directions and lie flat to dry.


Wool/cotton is shedding and bobbling

Shedding and bobbling is common with natural fibres such as wool and cotton. There are plenty of de-bobblers available to purchase - look for ‘fabric shaver and/or lint remover’. Be warned though, it’s quite addictive! You can use your de-bobbler on any fabric, just be gentle with it not to snag any threads.


Wool is itchy!

Very few people are actually allergic to lanolin - an oil which naturally covers wool fibres. However, if you are finding wool itchy, you can soften the fibres by giving them a gentle soak (as above). You can add a small drop of fabric softener - but not too much as it will stop the wool’s antibacterial and waterproof properties.


Looking after your wool-stuffed toys

Wool has wonderful properties as it has been recommended by Steiner as the natural material used to stuff Waldorf dolls. It’s breathable and fire-retardant, making it the perfect choice for toy makers. However, as any natural material (such as wood), wool with change with time. Wool’s nature is that it absorbs moisture. If you have a dribbler who loves a good chomp on the crochet toys, it’s good practice to leave the toys out in the sun every now and again (same as with cloth nappies!). Sunning your toys outside will release the moisture and restore the loft of your toys.

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